August 28, 2017

Aesthesys: Marea

Aesthesys are a Russian band who play a mix of instrumental post-rock and modern classical music. The Moscovites have just released their new single Marea (Italian for "tide"), capturing the never-ending flow of the water in two songs. Marea crescente (rising tide) builds up to a crescendo, with the drums keeping them grounded, locked-in twin guitars swirls, a jubilant violin and keyboards sounding like a clavinet. They hold back in the slow Bassa marea (low Tide) to make room for the string quartet.

Kudos to English producer Jamie Ward who made sure that the mixing and mastering of these two tracks are top-notch. Marea is a happy marriage of smart rock and the classics, a coupling that tends to be self-righteous and ingratiating. Will there be a Marea alta (high tide)? They are in the studio working on their new album, so it might happen. They van wear their prog post-rock cape with modern classical embroiderments with pride.

Sasha Coudray: bass
Eldar Ferzaliev: electric guitar
Victor Krabovich: electric guitar
Nik Koniwzski: violin, keys
Nikita Sarukhanov: drums
ArsNova Quartet: violins, viola and cello in "Bassa marea"

Marea is a self-released single. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.


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