July 07, 2017

Gunned Down Horses: Summer Song

Theatrical-indie-pop band Gunned Down Horses have a new single. Summer Song goes through a few mood swings - lazy jazz, rock, vaudeville, Mexican brass. It's a total package that other band would need a full album for. Lead singer Davidavi Dolev keeps all together with his vocal antics and guitarist Adam Uriel Burstein is the uncredited conductor leading the band through the hills and valleys. Progressive rock? Maybe. Whatever label is attached to them, it won't stick. They honour traditions, but are not afraid to mix things up in order to get an even better result.

Gunned Down Horses:
Davidavi Dolev: vocals
Adam Uriel Burstein: guitars
Yuval Tamir: drums
Nadav Goldberg: bass
Guests: Rozenfeld (bass), Boris Bendikov (trumpet), Tamar Singer (back vocals)

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