May 15, 2017

I am Oak: "On Claws" comes to vinyl

I am Oak's debut album On Claws will be reissued on coloured vinyl on June 5. The album by the Dutch folk act was released in 2010 and is a modern indie folk classic. An expanded CD with two bonus tracks was made available in 2013. One of them, Gold and Porcelain, willaat be included on the vinyl version.

On Claws is released through Snowstar Records. The album will be presented at the Utrecht Centraal showcase on June 5.

Live dates:
  • 05/15 Forum, Mannheim, Germany
  • 05/16 Schüür, Lucern, Switzerland
  • 05/17 Werkstatt, Chur, Switzerland
  • 05/18 Bogen F, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 05/19 Great Räng teng teng, Freiburg, Germany
  • 05/20 Bollwerk 107, Moers, Germany


HCTF review of On Claws (reissue)

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