April 14, 2017

Maggie Brown: Hail to the Rain

Amsterdam indie guitar band Maggie Brown have unveiled Hail to the Rain, the first single from their second album Another Place. It's a slice of gentle, tender pop, with a lead guitar line that gets stuck inside your head and exquisite multilayered vocals. This what The Byrds would have sounded like if they had been around in the Nineties.

Maggie Brown:
Marcel Hulst: vocals, guitar
Friso Schmid: keyboards
Thomas Dow: bass
Pascal van Baren: drums

They will celebrate the release of their album with a hometown show @ De Nieuwe Anita on July 1st. The artwork, Monogorod III, was created by Aldo van den Broek.

» maggiebrown.nl

HCTF review of Maggie Brown.

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