April 17, 2017

HCTF premiere: Bella Loka's new single Go Down + Colin: The Chicken & The Egg interactive game

Watch the new Bella Loka video for GO Down, a track from the London based electropop forthcoming album The Light, The Mud & The Dark (April 28th on DEFDISCO). Dark and sinister, the song tells the story of a meeting in the woods with blond lady promising lead singer Tea Boothby the world. David Boothby weighs in with blink-and-you'll miss 'em guitar fills.

Tea went out her way to create 90 videos for Colin: The Chicken & The Egg, an interactive graphic novel styled choose-your-own-adventure game. After each clip, set two snippets from the album viewers can decide what happens next to Colin and The Blue Miner. The first full "Colin" vidoe premiered in 2015.

The Light, The Mud & The Dark is available for pre-order from iTunes, with Go Down is an instant download.

» bellaloka.com

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