March 17, 2017

Trip to Dover: Fade Into Gold

Dutch electronic rock duo Trip to Dover go for an in-your-face sound on their new record Fade Into Gold. Preceded by two singles - Boy and I'll Be Juillet - it now becomes clear that the predominant theme of the album is grief. They could have crawled into a corner only to emerge with a set of soft-spoken songs, but Olga and Johannes Taal go for the exact opposite. They looked their demons in the eyes and decided to scare them off with a bunch of uptempo songs that celebrate life and commemorate their loved ones with defiant songs like The Birth Of A Hero and the title track.

Producer Martijn Groeneveld was on board to guide them to a dark, yet catchy overall sound - which is pretty rare in their niche. And what if they had gone for the aforementioned intimate approach? The acoustic "backstage" version of Boy offers a glimpse of what could have been. Pretty cool to hear, but it's the synth driven New Wave meets dance sound of the Eighties that makes Trip to Dover one of Holland's most interesting underground acts.

Fade Into Gold i s released on 180 grams vinyl thru Final 500 Records, a vinyl club from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.. Also available from the band's website.

Side A:
  1. Prologue
  2. Boy
  3. I'll Be Juliet
  4. Fade Into Gold
Side B:
  1. The Birth Of A Hero
  2. Only On The Other Side
  3. Epilogue
  4. Boy (backstage Version)

The EP release party will be held at Popei in Eindhoven on April 1st.


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