January 07, 2017

Allison Philips Trio: Allison Philips Trio

photo: Emanuelle Pelegrini

The Allison Philips Trio are all about tone and feel on their self-titled EP. This Amsterdam based jazz outfit plays soft, but their compositions speak volumes. Their less is more approach demands undivided attention. Trumpet player Allison Philips appears to float a little above the rhythm section - Alessandro Fongaro on bass and Robin van Rhijn on drums. They throw her a lifeline when she needs it and she takes them to uncharted territories - a polite battle of tension and release. Think of Ornette Coleman channeling Chet Baker.

This trio is all about sonic exploring, finding a string of notes or a motif and see where they can take it. When of them get in the mood, like Alessandro Fongaro does with a bass solo during Triad Tne, the others hold back before they take their turn as bandleader. Six hands and two feet playing in various configurations, a friendly jazz monster aiming to please and amaze.

The Allison Philips Trio EP is released on Fleaboy Records, an artist run, Amsterdam-based collective label.

  1. Triad Tune
  2. Saginaw Michigan
  3. Wheel
  4. Line

Live dates:
  • 01/12 Amsterdam @ Splendor
    (Double EP Release Party w/ Liya Grigoryan)
  • ​02/28 Rotterdam @ Dizzy

» allisonphilips.com

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