November 11, 2016

Martha Jane & the Talisman: Hello Demon

BEST OF 2016

Dutch band Martha Jane & the Talisman have taken the darker genres of American music and turned it into a lowdown, dirty, sexy mix. Their debut album Hello Demon blends country with blues and grunge - not necessarily in that order. They relied upon two key elements to pull this off: a loud resonator guitar and a front woman who can let rip as if she is being chased by hellhounds.

Guitarist Maarten van der Grinten can make his instrument wail like a banshee or conjure up the image of insect-infested swamp lands with just a few choice notes. Singer Martha Jane Settler has the husky presence of PJ Harvey and the I-don't give-a fuck attitude of Grace Slick. Earth being invaded by Demons? Something nasty lurking the shadows in Ghost Town? For a moment it sounds perfectly plausible. This is a band that urges you to take seize the opportunity before somebody else does (Grab It and dare to compare a lover with an addictive substance (My Drug My Love).

The dark side sounds cool and dangerous on Hello Demon. Producer Attie Bauw deserves a huge compliment for keeping it real, raw and well-balanced thoughout the recording process. Fellow Dutch voodoo blues band My Baby have a serious competitor on their own turf.

Hello Demon is a self-released album (180 grams vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, digital). Buy it from their website.

Side A;
  1. Not My War
  2. Two Faced Man
  3. Sweet Little Maybe
  4. So You Know It
  5. Ghost Town
Side B:
  1. Demons
  2. The World Knows
  3. What Took You So Long
  4. Grab It
  5. My Drug My Love

Live dates:
  • 11/11 De Kleine Waarheid, Alkmaar
  • 11/13 De Kei, Hilversum
  • 11/17 Stella, Breda


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