October 17, 2016

The Leonids: special "Leonids shower" show in Amsterdam

Dutch orchestral pop ensemble The Leonids have planned something special for their show in Amsterdam @ Theater Oostblok on November 17th, to coincide with the annual meteor showet after which they names themselves. They will be serving special drinks at a Spacebar created by Superhallo and the music will be accompanied with projections shown by handmade machines built by Robert Muda van Hamel.

The band consists of Sonja Muda van Hamel, Tessa Douwstra, Viktor van Woudenberg, Judith Renkema, West Side Trio (Annie Tangberg, Isabella Petersen & Vera van der Bie) and Coen Kaldeway).

Live dates:
  • 11/12 Zutphen @ Filmhuis Luxor
  • 11/17 Amsterdam @ Theater Oostblok
  • 12/09 Den Haag @ State-X New Forms

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