August 12, 2016

Queen Giza: Machine Master Demon Dream

Evil robot garage psych rock? Apparently that's what Brooklyn based surf noir band Queen Giza is calling it themselves. Their album Machine Master Demon Dream leans heavily on reverb, echo, double tracking and vocal effects (kids might think it's the Minions on serious drugs). It's a concept album about old man who builds a younger version of himself and of course his creation turns against his creator and kills him.

The Man vs. Machine story has been told many times and most of the time it ends in tears, never mind Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. Machine Master Demon Dream's narrative arc is strong enough to transport the listener to their make believe universe, with the dreams on the second half being the best part. It could have been really great if they had gone for a bit of spoken word as a welcome change of pace. No doubt that there is a piece of software around that can turn them into properly scary narrators such as Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman or Benedict Cumberbatch.

Queen Giza:
Eric Casella: guitar, bass, vocals, synth
Tym Wojcik: drums, delay feedback, laughing vocals

Machine Master Demon Dream is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Flesh & Grease
  2. Magnet Control
  3. Death Volts
  4. Current Control
  5. Machine Master
  6. MMDD (Interlude)
  7. Alpha Contraction
  8. Plague Spindles
  9. Delta Wave
  10. Theta Rhythm
  11. Demon Dream


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