August 08, 2016

James Edge and the Mindstep: Four Two Four

London based progressive folk band James Edge and the Mindstep never take it easy. Their new single Four Two Four takes chamber pop to the avant-garde and back, by way of indie pop, some jazz and Radiohead-esque vocals. Why settle for one time signature? Or one style? They have constructed a song with seamless segues and abrupt short cuts, a multi-layered composition that is a showcase for the band's musicianship and their willingness to explore uncharted territories.

James Edge and the Mindstep:
James Edge: acoustic guitar, vocals
Andy Waterworth: double bass
Avvon Chambers: drums
Howard Gott: volin

Four Two Four is released on Folkstock Records. Release date: September 23rd. It's the forerunner for their upcoming Machines He Made album.

Live date:
  • 09/11 Balstock, UK @ Balstock Festival (Folkstock Stage - White Lion)


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