July 06, 2016

The Day: Strangers With Familiar Faces

photo: Nanne Spielmann

German-Dutch duo The Day have found a way to blend melancholy and electro indie pop on their debut EP Strangers With Familiar Faces. Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg write songs about failure and loss, but are adamant to carry on. Waving intricate synth textures with a sprinkling of choice effects, the duo sets sail to greener pastures.

Strangers With Familiar Faces is a short and sweet collection of exquisite, tender music that is way too smart for mainstream appeal, but it surely will find its way to the collection of musos and other geeks, who are able to handle counter-melodies and adventurous bass lines. Recommended if you like Belle and Sebastian, Suzanne Vega and Heather Nova.

Strangers With Familiar Faces is a self-released EP. Buy it (CD, vinyl) from their website.

  1. Try
  2. Hidden Pitfalls
  3. We Are
  4. Golden Arms
  5. Take Your Time
  6. Winter

Martijn Bastiaans, director of the latest I am Oak video, acted as director of photography for the Golden Arms clip:

Live dates:
  • 07/29 Allstedt, Germany @ Freakstock
  • 07/30 Dortmund, Germany @ Juicy Beats Festival
  • 08/13 Metelen, Germany @ Kinkerlitzchen
  • 09/03 Essen, Germany @ Essen.Original

» thedayisaband.com

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