July 22, 2016

HCTF European premiere: Bella Loka's new single We Are Young

London based indie electropop duo Bella Loka are quick to release We Are Young, the other half of their new double A-side single. It's a cheerful and abrasive one-fingered salute to the music industry, driven forward by the dry sound of an acoustic guitar. They recorded it at Abbey Road Studios, with in-house producers Rob Cass & Pearse MacIntyre (Cave Productions) working their magic as the controls. It will be included on their debut full-length The Light, The Mud & The Dark later this year.

We Are Young is released on DEFDISCO. Buy it from iTunes.

Live dates:
  • 07/23 Sheffield, UK @ DEFDISCO Stage - Tramlines
  • 07/30 Faringdon, UK @ Follyfest 2016

» bellaloka.com

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