March 29, 2016

Tony Conrad interview in The Guardian

photo: Bettina Herzner

Tony Conrad and Faust will revisit Outside The Dream Syndicate for a live performance at the Big Ears festival, Knoxville, Tennessee, on 1 April. The Guardian has an interview with drone pioneer Conrad:

An idea I found very interesting was to destroy the whole concept of western composition. Get rid of the composer and let’s make the sound accessible in whatever form to whoever wants to listen.” Cage was the catalyst. “He had said, ‘I just make my notes by random processes. If you don’t like it, then work at it!’ I thought, ‘OK, some of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had have been when I haven’t liked what I heard or saw, and I worked at it. And then when I changed my mind about something, it was an epiphany.” He rocks back in his seat as if struck by this all over again. “Whoa! An internal explosion of insight and emotion and goodwill to the world.

» Tony Conrad on Wikipedia

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