February 08, 2016

Andy Ferro: "Muirhead"

photo: Yanira Vissepo

Tape hiss, lo-fi, leakage. Andy Ferro didn't bother to clean things up on his debut solo outing "Muirhead". The lead guitar player in Nashville indie band Ranch Ghost took the barebones to the limit for this collection of quirky, psychedelic pop songs, following the footsteps of Syd Barrett and Robyn Hitchcock. With a battered acoustic guitar as his weapon of choice Ferro leads the listeners through an alternate universe, telling tales about things that happened in uncharted lands.

No matter how long he spends in Nashville, Ferro will never be able to escape from his London roots and the English knack for telling off-kilter children stories that will appeal to adults.

"Muirhead" will be released on cassette thru Rough Beast Records. Release date: February. 26th.

  1. Sugar and Milk
  2. Hood
  3. Crystal Tongue
  4. Pendulum Song
  5. Black Caboose
  6. Plane Clothes
  7. Useless Powder

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