October 03, 2015

Bryan Beller: interview in Bass Musician Magazine

photo: Jon Luini

Bryan Beller (The Aristrocrats, Joe Satriani, Dethklok) talks shop in an interview with Bass Musician Magazine. He is quite pleased with his new 5-string:

I have a new bass in the arsenal. I’m still a true blue Mike Lull guy and they make my signature model, which is a souped-up, ash/maple, very bright 5-string jazz bass with active EQ and a few custom tweaks to make it a more aggressive “rock” sounding instrument than some others in the family. I also still use their passive 5-string P/J, which I think is a beautiful option for warm, dark, chocolate-y sounds. But I wanted something that was completely “un-Fender-y” for lack of a better phrase, with a tighter-focused midrange and a different feel, while still having some edge on top. So I have an Alex Webster Signature Spector for a few tunes going on now. I’ve always loved the way a Spector sits in a recording mix – I’m especially referring to Dan Briggs of Between The Buried And Me, and also Doug Wimbish on a variety of things. The traditional Spector sound is great and totally identifiable…but as always, I’m always looking for a little more edge than the typical stock instrument provides. Fortunately for me, Alex Webster – the bassist for Cannibal Corpse! – Already did the hard work of making a more aggressive-sounding Spector. People might think: Ok, really, the bassist from Cannibal Corpse developed a signature model that the bassist for The Aristocrats and Joe Satriani is using? But for those who don’t know, Alex is not just an amazing player, but he’s also a first-class bass geek, and he’s got books out on advanced technique and has done some really cool stuff. So when I found out that he led the charge on this instrument, I wasn’t surprised.

Bryan Beller is on tour with Joe Satriani right now. Next: a Fall tour with The Aristrocrats.

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