September 12, 2015

Kapok: Glass to Sand

photo: Krijn van Noordwijk
BEST OF 2015

Dutch jazz trio Kapok like to do things differently. Pull things apart and reassemble while removing bits and pieces and adding extra stuff when appropriate, that's what their third album Glass to Sand is all about. These guys don't go for a puristic, jazz only approach. Like on their previous albums they use Americana, African rhythms, electronics and folk. Even hip-hop has made into their idiom, with guest player Niels Boors on keyboards for Haphop to ensure that they got it right.

With the sound Morris Kliphuis' horn the trio stands out as colorful bird amidst a flock of squabbling pigeons. With drummer Remco Menting's command of complex rhythms and guitarist Timon Koomen's progressive tone they are a truly "unusual" jazz trio. Throw in their ability to find inspiration to write about subject like muscle spasms - the ambient/post-rock mashup Myoclonus or sing the praise of Cacti and extensive plains in Pediplen and you have a band with an open mind and sense of Zappa-esque humour. They never get loud, but their ideas speak volumes.

Morris Kliphuis: horn, cornet, keyboards
Timon Koomen: guitar
Remco Menting: drums, percussion

Glass to Sand is released on Kerfstok Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Kraslot
  2. Pediplen
  3. Flagstones
  4. Myoclonus
  5. Adana
  6. Hophop
  7. Cacti
  8. Roadside Picnic
  9. Glass to Sand
  10. Igreja

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