August 13, 2015

Red Beard Funk Circus: Red Beard Funk Circus EP

Red Beard Funk Circus, four Dutch guys and an American, crammed a wealth of genres into their self-titled debut EP, recorded in just one day in their hometown Zwolle.

Basically a blues rock band they squeezed in funk and rap with mixed results. The quintet feels at ease when they can let rip in the harmonica-driven stomper Down to the Water. The prog-rock show-stopper Let the LOVE Rise has a sweet sax solo that brings back the art rock of Roxy Music, spiced up with a bit of The Tubes playing garage rock. The token ballad Desert Rose is unremarkable, or like Douglas Adams once said, mostly harmless. The EP's closer Rap Thang with it's cheesy old school synths and Eighties hip-hop vibe is a bit of novelty, with drummer Wietse Boersma failing to reach the high notes and Joe Venegas channeling his rap heroes.

The Red Beard Funk Circus EP is a warts-and-all debut. Plenty of good ideas and ambition galore. These guys can play, but they should spend more time (and money) on the next one to tighten things up a bit.

Red Beard Funk Circus:
Wietse Boersma: drums, vccals
Gerjan Nijman: bass
Rick Slagers: harmonica, sax
Joe Venegas: guitar, vocals
Niels Verwegen: piano, organ, keys

Red Beard Funk Circus is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website. Release date: September 11.

  1. Down to the Water
  2. Let the LOVE Rise
  3. Desert Rose
  4. Rap Thang

Live date:
  • 09/11 Zwolle, Netherlands @ Jack's Music Bar (EP release party)

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