May 26, 2015

Song Dogs: Heartlands

Philadelphia based sextet roots rockers Song Dogs burst upon the scene in 2013 with their remarkable debut album Wild Country. The follow-up Heartlands shows no signs of a sophomore slump. A bit more country has found its way into their sound, especially in the tunes sung by organ player Emily Southerton, with Ghost in New Mexico as the prime example. They are band who put the melody in the spotlights, with instantly hummable lyrics as an added bonus.

They follow the footsteps of classic artists (Neil Young, Dylan, Tom Petty, The Band). Song Dogs serve up gentle ballads (Same Night, Same Sky), acoustic singalongs (We Are The People) and in-your-face passionate anthems (Forevermore, Lucky (not a Pharrell fucking Williams cover). This is a band that can write songs that sound familiar and fresh at the same time. Triple-A Americana that never goes out of style.

Song Dogs:
Michael Southerton: vocals, guitar, pedal steel, organ
Ryan McCloskey: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Sam Conver: bass, vocals
Mariama O'Brien: percussion
Dan Cooper: drums
Emily Southerton: rock organ

Heartlands is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Sun in The Valley
  2. Like You've Never Known
  3. Mississippi Annie
  4. Ghost in New Mexico
  5. Laurel, Oak, and Pine
  6. Forevermore
  7. We Are The People
  8. Midnight on the Mountain
  9. Lucky
  10. Same Night, Same Sky
  11. 45
  12. Evangeline

Live dates:
  • 06/11 Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia, PA
  • 07/14 Jenkintown Summer Concerts, Jenkintown, PA


HCTF review of Wild Country.

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