March 31, 2015

KDH: Piedmont Rose

Can you mix Southern rock with psychedelic and lo-fi garage anthems? NYC based quartet KDH got what it takes to pull it off on their new album Piedmont Rose. Never mind that they are seriously out of tune at times (Lupa) and have a hard time trying to keep up with themselves in the breakneck speed instrumental Ratchets. They go for a warts-and-all set of songs. Somehow the folks at The Relic Room in NYC managed to catch them in full flight amidst an array of much maligned monitors and battered amps.

KDH spells rock 'n' roll with capital letters. Play really fucking loud to fully appreciate the cackles and the feedback. They are there for a reason.

Drew Taylor: lead guitar, vocals
Lee Hinshaw: drums, vocals, banjo
Ian Lockey: guitar
Alex Smith: bass

  1. Beloved Devotion
  2. Time To Die
  3. Lupa
  4. Ratchets
  5. Heaven Should
  6. Seven Thunders
  7. Shelter / Ratchets (Reprise)
  8. Lettuce Rest (Appalachain Spring)
  9. Piedmont Rose

Live date:
  • 04/17 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

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