March 10, 2015

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & broeder Dieleman: split 7" for Record Store Day

Dutch indie label Snowstar Records has a special treat for Record Store Day: a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & broeder Dieleman split 7":

On April 18th it's record store day 2015. In honour of this year's record store day we present the extended collaboration between our own broeder Dieleman and folk legend Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

In 2014 they did a fully sold out tour of 8 Dutch churches, all shows were played entirely acoustically. This unique tour was sold out within the hour, a great succes which both artists felt was deserving of a follow-up.

For record store day they will be releasing a split 7" for which Bonnie 'Prince' Billy translated 'Gloria' into English. Broeder Dieleman covered 'Three Questions" in his distinct Zealandic dialect.

To celebrate the 7" (and his birthday!) broeder Dieleman will play in-stores on April 18th, followed by an Molenpark De Ster in Utrecht, hosted by EKKO.

Limited release: 1000 copies for the Benelux and 1000 copies for the US.


HCTF review of Gloria.

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