February 03, 2015

Novanta: Best​-​selling dreams

Italian one-man band Novanta is the brainchild of Manfredi Lamartina. He uses his guitar and iPad to pay tribute to the Nineties shoegaze. For his latest offering Best​-​selling dreams he called in outside help to fill out the sound.

Less lo-fi than its predecessor Crescendo this release will be embraced by hardcore shoegaze fans who can appreciate his intricate guitar tapestries and dreamy vocals. He takes it slow, but he keeps pushing forward. Best​-​selling dreams has cult classic written all over it.

Best​-​selling dreams is released on Seashell Records.

  1. Light changes
  2. Windows
  3. Worthless whirls
  4. Novanta song
  5. A fever
  6. 2young2die
  7. Reasons
  8. La maledizione degli affetti

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HCTF review of Crescendo.

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