February 01, 2015

Brooklyn Doran: There's A Light On

photo: Kat Webber

Toronto based singer Brooklyn Doran mixes jazz and folk on her debut EP There's A Light On. It's a gentle batch of songs, sparkling with life and her crystal clear voice has an impressive range - although she can't quite reach the high notes in Lansdowne. Stand-out track is the break-up song s.s. calamity (Sink This Ship). Doran will take a stand when she has to, throwing punches that will hurt.

Brooklyn Doran: vocals
Aaron Corbett: acoustic guitar, piano, keys
Erik Lindemann: upright bass
Jon Foster: drums, percussion
Adam Faux: guitar, tambourine, additional keys, effects
Emilyn Stam: accordion
Tim Bovaconti: electric guitar, bass
William Sperandei: trumpet, horn arrangements

There's A Light On is a self-released EP. Buy it from her website.

  1. Cold Outside
  2. There's A Light On (Kitchen Song)
  3. Look Away
  4. Lansdowne
  5. s.s. calamity (Sink This Ship)

» brooklyndoran.com

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