January 07, 2015

Danny Schmidt: Owls (solo acoustic)

Singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt has put up the acoustic demos for his forthcoming new album Owls. It's just him on guitar and vocals, with his wife Carrie Elkin providing harmony vocals. The songs sound pretty good considering these are shoestring budget homemade recordings. The vocals sound warm and intimate, with a hint of natural echo. It raises the bar for the real thing considerably.

Owls (solo acoustic) is a digital only self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Paper Cranes
  2. Soon The Earth Shall Swallow
  3. Cries Of Shadows
  4. Guns & The Crazy Ones
  5. Girl With Lantern Eyes
  6. All The More To Wonder
  7. Faith Will Always Rise
  8. Looks Like God
  9. Cry On The Flowers
  10. Bad Year For Cane

» dannyschmidt.com

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