October 16, 2014

Pixies: Doolittle 25

The Pixies album Doolittle gets the deluxe treatment for its 25th anniversary:

The week commencing 1st December, Pixies and 4AD will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doolittle with the release of Pixies: Doolittle 25 - an expanded edition of the classic album that brings together all the album's B-sides, Peel Sessions and demos for the first time, with nearly half of the tracks having not been commercially released before.

Long time fans will already have all the B-sides and most of the Peel Sessions. The inclusion of the demos is a plus though. The album will be released as a 3CD and 2LP (B-sides, Peel Sessions and demos only).

Doolittle is available for preorder via 4AD and the Pixies webstore

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