October 14, 2014

John Cale on The Dinner Party Episode 183

Audio from The Dinner Party with special guest John Cale. Cale lists his influences. The rest isn't particularly memorable. Plenty of drinks fueled inane banter, but some good bits here and there. Broadcasted on January 10, 2013.

David O. Russell, George Saunders, and Experiments with Cale.
Director David O. Russell steals the show... The Velvet Underground's John Cale experiments with a list... Writer George Saunders weighs man purses and messenger bags... omedian Nick Kroll tries to mix Oktoberfest and Yom Kippur - then has to flee Germany...We learn about the birth of Texas Oil Boom and drink a slick cocktail... And there's a new French dessert to swoon over... Plus, brilliant hatchet jobs, a viola-nt joke, and a trippy track from Foxygen.

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