September 23, 2014

The Foreign Films: new double album "The Record Collector", stream "Side 2"

Bill Majoros of Hamilton one-man band The Foreign Films got some outside help from with singer Kori Pop for his next project, the double album The Record Collector. He will unveil the album one "side" at a time over the next few months. He kicks off with Side 2, five neo-psychedelic songs two of which were co-written with Pop.

Teardrop Town contains some pretty nifty guitar work that Chris Isaac fans will appreciate. And with Broken Dreamers he comes close to mainstream power pop - the kind of song that is tailor made for a teen flick soundtrack. Pop sings lead on the orchestral Land of 1000 Goodbyes, Californian Sixties pop transferred to the 21st Century. People can't do time travel, but music can.

The Record Collector will eventually be released a double vinyl album. Buy (pay-what-you want) Side 2 from his website.

  1. Emily Blue
  2. Teardrop Town
  3. Broken Dreamers
  4. State of the Art
  5. Land of 1000 Goodbyes


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