September 26, 2014

Dead Air Disco: Then By The Quiet

Dead Air Disco hail from Hokah, MN, a tiny town in Houston County area. Multi-instrumentalist Jason Lajter fantasized about putting together a kick-ass grunge shoegaze rock band, writing stacks of songs he was hoping to record sometime. His dream became reality when he met drummer Aaron LaGrange. As a duo they released an EP earlier this year and now there's the debut full-length Then By The Quiet, which contains a whopping 17 songs.

Lajter has created a monolith. There's a darkness and sense of foreboding to almost all of his songs that gets under the listener's skin. Shoegaze and grunge aren't a happy genre by default and trying to digest this album in one sitting may be a bit too much for the uninitiated. So his musical dream is a nightmare? He turned fighting his inner demons into art for anyone's who wants to listen. Enter at your own risk.

Dead Air Disco:
Jason Lajter: vocals, guitar, piano, synths, bass, programming
Aaron LaGrange: drums
Jesse Stinnard: bass (on the album)
Roger Kettle: guitar (live)
Brian Short: bass (live)

Then By The Quiet is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. albatross
  2. rattle your bones
  3. singapore
  4. return to zero
  5. good mourning
  6. ghosts in you
  7. earthworm
  8. vertigo-go
  9. hemorrhage
  10. we are the virus
  11. the human condition
  12. damselfly
  13. glaucomatose
  14. hey, oliver!
  15. bedpan love affair
  16. miss mouse
  17. just a bruise

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