September 04, 2014

Danny Schmidt: KIckstarter campaign for new album "Owls"

Singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his new solo album Owls.

Writing songs is what I love doing. The last couple years, I've been more focused and intent on my writing. Usually when I'm able to write in fits and batches, those songs end up with a sort of essential commonality to them. And the songs that have flowed from this particular period seem to have taken on a mystic nature.

I'm really excited about that. In sum total, these songs make up a collection that I'm more enthusiastic about than any I've ever worked on before. I'm calling the record "Owls" because when I think of the individual tunes, I imagine them perched overhead, lined up on a branch, somewhat ethereal in their nature, aloof observers of our human condition . . . wise in their nocturnal and elevated perspective.


HCTF review of Man of Many Moons.

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