July 23, 2014

Elika: "Your Secrets" b/w "Truest Heart" (Girls, Be Serious 7" 2/3)

NY quartet Elika have Your Secrets b/w Truest Heart, the second part of a trilogy of 7" records called Girls, Be Serious. As per usual t+he soft-spoken vocals of Evagelia Maravelias are mixed up front. Brian Wenckebach, Khaya Lou and Andrew Kwasny serve up an intricate tapestry of dreampop with a Cure-inspired bass line leading the way in Your Secrets.

Synths and keyboards have often been accused of sounding a bit too clean, but in the hands of this quartet they come alive. Truest Heart is the superior track with its a repetitive organ motive could have been created as a joined effort by Nico and Ray Manzarek.

Your Secrets b/w Truest Heart is released on Saint Marie Records. Limited edition of 250 copies.

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