June 05, 2014

Tijuana Bibles: Crucifixion

Tijuana Bibles
photographs: David Muir

Glasgow has given birth to lots of loud bands over the years, but Tijuana Bibles has the potential to grow into a big act. Their new single Crucifixion is a smoldering, dark rock track, think Soundgarden going for a Black Sabbath tempo. Not for the squeamish, who might be fooled by the Gaelic tinged false ending.

Crucifixion will be released thru Dead Beet Records on June 14th.

UK live dates:
  • 06/05 GoNorth Festival, Inverness
  • 06/14 Nice and Sleazy (w/ Vladimir), Glasgow
  • 07/25 Wickerman Festival, Dumfries

» tijuanabibles.co.uk

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