June 06, 2014

No Ninja Am I & Sue le Chasseur: Hold Still & Watch

Dutch musician No Ninja Am I (Sander van Munster) and photographer Sue le Chasseur (Suzanne de Jager) teamed up for a soft-spoken EP. Hold Still & Watch contains six songs, with a visual companion of girl staring at the listener from beneath the water.

Multi-instrumentalist Van Munster made a name for himself in the Dutch indie underground, mixing acoustic guitar and piano with electronic tidbits. Hold Still & Watch has his subdued vocals upfront, a poet singing about his dreams and nightmares. Although all the tracks are rather short, each of them tells a full story, even when he skips lyrics all together and settles for humming in Marigold. No Ninja Am I is the missing link between Barrett-era Pink Floyd and Nick Drake. Recommended if you like Jacco Gardner and I am Oak.

Hold Still & Watch is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website. The limited CD edition (120 copies) comes in a handmade cover with all six photos plus one enlarged 12"x 12 print (20 copies of each one).

  1. Muddy Water
  2. When You Are Here
  3. Loadstar
  4. Smash the Clock
  5. Marigold
  6. No Rain

An alternate take of No Rain, with Lotte van Diepen on vocals and Rens van den Boogaard on guitar, can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud

» noninjaami.com
» Suzanne de Jager on Facebook

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