June 14, 2014

Modern Jungleman: Woman From Dogtown

Modern Jungleman, an alternative rock band from Aveiro, Portugal, have just released their ambitious Woman From Dogtown, five songs about the people living in the rough parts of town: false prophets, small time crooks, racketeers and whores.

They don't judge, they report back, telling stories that will offend and scare the general public. Wrapping their harsh truths in psychedelic stoner rock with a bit of prog and blues Woman From Dogtown is a snapshot of real life.

Modern Jungleman:
Alexandre Pereira: guitars, keyboards
Mário Jader: vocals, guitar
Rui Carneiro: drums
Diogo Esteves: bass

Woman From Dogtown is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. The Prophet
  2. Shadow Man
  3. Bloom
  4. Woman From Dogtown
  5. This Is Not The World That I've Made

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