May 27, 2014

Latimer House: Birdcage Walk b/w Until Then

Anglo-Canadian-Azerbaijani-American indie band Latimer House will release their new single Birdcage Walk b/w Until Then on July 7th through the usual digital outlet. Vinyl lovers will like the very limited run of 7" translucent red vinyl which will be available soon thereafter.

A-side Birdcage Walk is a radio edit of a track from their All The Rage. They shaved off about 25% from its original running time. B-side Until Then is the icing on the cake. A non-album track that is part Bo Diddley, part Ian Dury and even a bit of Bowie with a jazzy trumpet that gives way to a snippet of funk and garage rock guitar.


HCTF review of All The Rage.

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