March 13, 2014

Led Zeppelin: Deluxe Editions Of First Three Albums

Jimmy Page has been hinting at this for years, but it's finally going to happen. All of Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums will be re-released in chronological order in various formats. The first three will hit the shops on June 3. Jimmy Page:

The material on the companion discs presents a portal to the time of the recording of Led Zeppelin. It is a selection of work in progress with rough mixes, backing tracks, alternate versions, and new material recorded at the time.

Available formats:

  • Single CD - Remastered album packaged in a gatefold card wallet.
  • Deluxe Edition (2CD) - Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio.
  • Single LP - Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP's first pressing in exacting detail. (For example, III will feature the original wheel and die cut holes.)
  • Deluxe Edition Vinyl - Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl.
  • Digital Download - Remastered album and companion audio will both be available.

And for fans with deep pockets: the Super Deluxe Boxed Set. Includes:

  • Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve.
  • Companion audio on CD in card wallet.
  • Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating first pressing.
  • Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl.
  • High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit. (Live tracks are 48kHz/24 bit).
  • Hard bound, 70+ page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia.
  • High quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.

Led Zeppelin will also include a replica of the band's original Atlantic press kit.


Led Zeppelin:

  1. Good Times Bad Times
  2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  3. You Shook Me
  4. Dazed And Confused
  5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
  6. Black Mountain Side
  7. Communication Breakdown
  8. I Can't Quit You Baby
  9. How Many More Times

Companion Audio Disc Live At The Olympia - Paris, France
October 10, 1969

  1. Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown
  2. I Can't Quit You Baby
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Dazed And Confused
  5. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
  6. You Shook Me
  7. Moby Dick
  8. How Many More Times

Led Zeppelin II:

  1. Whole Lotta Love
  2. What Is And What Should Never Be
  3. The Lemon Song
  4. Thank You
  5. Heartbreaker
  6. Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
  7. Ramble On
  8. Moby Dick

Companion Audio Disc

  1. Whole Lotta Love
  2. What Is And What Should Never Be
  3. Thank You"
  4. Heartbreaker
  5. Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
  6. Ramble On
  7. Moby Dick
  8. La La

Led Zeppelin III:

  1. Immigrant Song
  2. Friends
  3. Celebration Day
  4. Since I've Been Loving You
  5. Out On The Tiles
  6. Gallows Pole
  7. Tangerine
  8. That's The Way
  9. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  10. Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

Companion Audio Disc

  1. The Immigrant Song
  2. Friends
  3. Celebration Day
  4. Since I've Been Loving You
  5. Bathroom Sound
  6. Gallows Pole
  7. That's The Way
  8. Jennings Farm Blues
  9. Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind


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