February 18, 2014

Secret Colours: Positive Distractions Part II

Secret Colours, retro psychedelic quartet from the Windy City, go all out on Positive Distractions II, the second part of their two EP project. Quite a lot of echo on the vocals and piano parts that sound surprisingly British. They even get way with channeling The Monkees in Mrs. Bell. Early Floyd and Love shake hands in the stand-out track Heavy & Steady Technicolor pop for sunny Spring afternoons. Too bad that one filler track, the throwaway bubblegum song Quite Like You, made the cut. Recommended if you like Jacco Gardner and The Luck of Eden Hall.

Secret Colours: Positive Distractions Part II

Positive Distractions Part II is a self-released EP. It will be released digitally in April and on vinyl and cassette with Positive Distractions Part I.

  1. Into You
  2. I Know What You Want
  3. Mrs. Bell
  4. Heavy & Steady
  5. Quite Like You
  6. Positive Distractions

Live dates:
  • 02/21 Martyrs, Chicago, IL
  • 03/15 Parish Underground, Austin, TX

» secretcolours.com

HCTF review of Positive Distractions I.

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