October 10, 2013

Jay Blakesberg: JAM

Photographer Jay Blakesberg has nbeen documnting the jamband scene for years now. His new book JAM will be publihed on October 15th. with is instantly recognizable style he stand out among the mass of lenses pointing up to the stage from the front row. From an interview with Cartwheel Art:

Any show you go to now there are anywhere from 5-100 photographers in front of the stage…and everyone thinks if they don’t get the same boring photo of the same singer at the same microphone then they have failed at their assignment. Whether its for their Facebook page, a music blog, a print publication…but its not about just capturing the same boring pedestrian photo and proving you were there in the pit at the rock concert, its about capturing something unique and different. Take a risk, don’t settle for the same shot everyone is getting. It will make you happier, and perhaps be the type of shot the art director you are trying to get to hire you wants that will set you on a course to truly be a successful professional photographer (making a living, not just making extra money).

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