October 25, 2013

Hilary Grist: Waltzing Matilda

Watch the video for the new Hilary Grist single Waltzing Matilda, an ode to the classic film noir (albeit in colour). It's about Dick Marlow a private investigator whi is invisible, until a dame shows up at his office who sees him as a real person.

The clip was produced, directed and edited by Mike Southworth. The video was filmed at the infamous Penthouse Nightclub in Vancouver and, in Hilary’s 600 square foot apartment where they built sets for the science lab and the detective’s office. Great special FX on a shoestring budget. Kudos director of Photography Byron Kopman who captured the vintage vibe.

Waltzing Matilda is a self-released single. Buy it from iTunes or Bandcamp.

» hilarygrist.com

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