October 26, 2013

Bacon Fat Louis: Bacon Fat Louis

Low down dirty blues form Holland. Bo Hudson (guitar cigar box guitar, harp, vocals) and Sandy “Slim” Sticks (drums, percussion, backing vocals) are Bacon Fat Louis. They have captured their live set on their self-titled album. In-your-face and hear-felt, they honor the old adagium of that the blues is all about "good man feeling bad," O, and sex of course. These guys have balls - hell they even try their hand at the Hendrix' classic Voodoo Chile (Slide Return) and f Fred McDowell's You Gotta Move.

Their own material however outshines their crowd-pleasing covers. With songs like Lay Down Your Love, Black Smoke (with a nod In My Time of Dying) and Some Boogie they will shut up the talkative boozers in the back and get them to tap their feet.

Recorded in the tiny Hippie Hut Studios in Dalfsen using homemade instruments, Bacon Fat Louis is an album that should get them a foothold in the USA. The vocals are a bit distant, but proper mike placement can fix that on the next record.

Tracy Shedd: Arizona

Bacon Fat Louis is released on Tube Tone Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Lay Down Your Love
  2. Black Smoke
  3. All the Way
  4. Oh Johanna
  5. Meet Me in the Morning
  6. Shake It Down
  7. Some Boogie
  8. You Gotta Move
  9. A Loner
  10. Voodoo Chile (Slide Return)
  11. Man from the Country
  12. (Bonus Track)

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