August 28, 2013

Maarten van Praag: Shells And Stones

At first it sounds that former City To City main man Maarten van Praag has reinvented himself as a singer-songwriter. His debut EP Shells And Stones starts tout as a subdued acoustic album, but the urge to rock can't be caged after all. By the time he reaches the fifth track Pigeons And Crumbs his band is firing on all cylinders.

He is the grandson of another Maarten van Praag, who was immensely popular in The Netherlands during the Forties and Fifties. Th title track of the EP was inspired by him. His vocals are not unlike Neil Finn's and Chris Kok comes to mind in the EP's final song, Enfilading Fire.

Van Praag is a craftsman, patiently constructing his songs. He may have been polishing the final product a bit too much, but the songs will find their way to lovers of high quality pop.

Maarten van Praag: Shells And Stones

Shells And Stones is released through Moreland Records. Digital release on August 30 (physical only at live shows and house concerts).

  1. Shells And Stones
  2. Rise Ya Crazy Lovers
  3. Dear Jessica
  4. Poor Boy’s Heart
  5. Pigeons And Crumbs
  6. Enfilading Fire
Live date:
  • 09/30 CafĂ© Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    (EP release party - free show)


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