June 08, 2010

The Gentle Guest: Cast Off Your Human Form

The Gentle Guest
photo: Drew Kaiser

The core band of The Gentle Guest is a quartet, but it can get crowded when they bring in the horns and such on stage to make a ten-piece. And they will need ten players when they want to recreate the roaring Twenties blues sound of their new full length Cast Off Your Human Form, a collection of mostly rollicking high energy songs.

Taking cues for their lyrics from the Great American Songbook, Tom Waits and Randy Newman in a friendly mood in particular, the band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, sings about Joe Sixpack, love, death, and dealing with a world that is just too weird sometimes.

The Gentle Guest:
Zach Hanson: drums
James Lincoln: keys
Eric Rykal: vocals, guitar
Aaron Winter: bass

The Gentle Guest: Cast Off Your Human Form

Cast Off Your Human Form is released on Amble Down Records. Release date: July 20.

  1. Rumor Mill
  2. To Pay The Piper
  3. Judgment
  4. Laughing Bells
  5. Death, She Comes
  6. Bravado and Pine
  7. Scatter The Ashes
  8. Who Is Gonna Love You
  9. The Loaded Gun
  10. Modern Gods
  11. Just You Wait
  12. The Morning Star

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