April 18, 2013

Song Dogs: Wild Country

Song Dogs are a rock band who sound like they've been locked up in a cupboard for 40 years or so. The influences of Neil Young and The Band loom large over their debut full-length Wild Country. The Philadelphia based sextet are into melodic rock with an edge, branching out to Tex Mex and Americana. Their secret weapon is percussionist Mariama O'Brien. Born on Liberia, where she wasn't allowed to play music at all, she brings swing to the tracks. Like the legendary Seventies predecessors they are blessed with a wealth of lead singers (three of them) and songwriters (four). Each voice uses another palette, adding another feel to the overall sound.

This band is a hidden gem. All they need is a bunch of classic rock DJ's who are looking up for something else for their playlists. The songs are new, but old as the hills at the same time. Wild Country is an album that was already somehow. Produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Sheep Dogs) this prairie rock is full of life and space.

Song Dogs:
Michael Southerton: vocals, guitar, pedal steel, organ
Ryan McCloskey: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Sam Conver: bass, vocals
Mariama O'Brien: percussion
Dan Cooper: drums
Emily Southerton: rock organ

Song Dogs: Wild Country

Wild Country is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Wild Country
  2. Buffalo Crossroads
  3. Law of the Land
  4. Careless
  5. The Nightjar's Song
  6. Wrong Side of Town
  7. Victoria
  8. River of Tears
  9. Dark Cloud
  10. Song Dogs

Live dates:
  • 04/29 Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
  • 05/04 Philadelphia, PA @ The Legendary Dobbs
  • 05/30 Philadelphia, PA @ MilkBoy Philly

» wearesongdogs.com

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