April 16, 2013

Dead Sea Souls: Brave b/w The Comet

Scottish band Dead Sea Souls have a gift for melodic pop. Their new single is an AA side and rightly so. Brave and The Comet are like the two sides of coin - different, but inseparable . Brave is the pop, while The Comet has a Caribbean feel, but both songs really heavily on the vocals and the twin guitars.

There is no such thing as Scot-pop (let's not call them Britpop, shall we, thanks), but for lack of a better word, it'll have to do. With their steady flow of singles, EPs and full-lengths the quartet is building an impressive catalog of well-crafted pop sings with unmistakable Caledonian flavor.

Dead Sea Souls: Gary Burns: bass, vocals
James Sweeney: guitar
David Clark: drums
Colin Sneddon: guitar, vocals

Brave b/w The Comet is released on Platform Records. Release date: May 20th.

Live date:
  • 06/29 Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (w/ people, places, maps)

» deadseasouls.com

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