March 13, 2013

The Steak House Mints: Love Songs for Prostitutes

Chicago orchestral pop band The Steak House Mints have come up with concept album of sorts. Love Songs for Prostitutes is all over the place musically, but the lyrics they the thing together, taking the perspective of lady for hire and all the kinds of shit that are part of her profession - hairy customers, tattoos and pleasing a high-rolling diplomat.

The music however can't handle all the moods. The album hits the ground running with three upbeat songs: glam rockers Hi Ya and Yeah, Right followed by tex-mex of The Diplomat Hotel, before grounding to a standstill with a bunch of rather bland ballad-type AOR songs. Just Drive never gets out of the carport and I Must Paint You can't be saved by adding dabs of electronics. After that the album picks up speed with bubblegum pop (Don't Mess with Me) and vaudeville (The Great Mustachio).

The album draws to a close withTattoo, a poor Sixties homecoming pop ditty, and the overlong Please Come Again that's only bearable thanks to brass cutting through the boring percussion. Kudos for the idea, but overall poorly executed. It could have been a nice EP if they had killed their darlings.

The Steak House Mints:
Billy Dave: vocals
Steve Gillis: drums
Shawn Sommer: bass
Vijay Tellis-Nayack: keyboards, sitar
Scott Tipping: guitar

The Steak House Mints: Love Songs for Prostitutes

Love Songs for Prostitutes is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Hi Ya
  2. Yeah, Right
  3. The Diplomat Hotel
  4. Just Drive
  5. I Must Paint You
  6. Don't Mess with Me
  7. The Great Mustachio
  8. What Are The Chances?
  9. Tattoo
  10. Please Come Again


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