February 05, 2013

The Sweets: Delgringo's + Jan

Brothers Zach and Justin are The Sweets. They grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and fell in love with the sound of The stokes (when that band stil mattered) and decided to have a go at garage rock themselves. They plan to release a fresh stack of tunes every month and have hit the ground running with the 7-track album Delgringo's and the 3-track EP Jan.

No frills, no tricks, just fire up the gear and press "rec". Lo-fi rock 'n' roll with lots of leakage served with gusto and housed in vintage NFSW art work. Amen to that.

The Sweets: Jan

Delgringo's and Jan are self-released. Buy them (pay-what-you-want) from the band's website.

Tracks Jan:

  1. Red Nose
  2. West
  3. You Got Me Right

The Sweets: Delgringo's

Tracks Delgringo's:

  1. Get'y Up
  2. I Know I Know
  3. I Can't Afford That Honky
  4. Stray
  5. Your Old Man
  6. New Clothes
  7. At the Marina

» sweetstuff.bandcamp.com

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