February 01, 2013

Dead Wolf Club: RAR

After releasing the impressive single Strange Letters b/w A Versus E Scottish dark punk quartet Dead Wolf Club have unveiled their second full-length RAR. They sound muscular and massive most of the time, but take some time to appreciate their math rock inklings. They can play up a storm, as is proven best during the loud-quiet-loud approach of MBE (Matt's Big Entrance) and the head-over-heels tempo of Go!!!.

Alwin, John, Martha and Serra are busy carving a niche for themselves. RAR is filled with smart post-rock wrapped in anger and literary references. No bonus points if you guessed what Bring Down the Banks is all about.

Dead Wolf Club: RAR

RAR is released on Scene Not Herd. Release date: February 11.

  1. Villians of the Night
  2. Strange Letters
  3. A vs E
  4. Dance to the Conflict
  5. MBE (Matt's Big Entrance
  6. Go!!!
  7. Magic Ratio
  8. Create All
  9. In The Clouds
  10. She Is God
  11. Guerrero
  12. Bring Down the Banks

Live dates:
  • 02/08 Isle of Man @ Douglas Villa Marina
  • 02/09 Liverpool @ Shipping Forecast
  • 02/11 Leicester @ Scholar Bar
  • 02/12 Manchester @ Live Lounge
  • 02/13 Glasgow @ Bar Bloc
  • 02/14 Chester @ Compass
  • 02/15 London @ Sebright Arms
  • 02/16 Guilford @ Boiler Rooms

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