February 15, 2013

Chadwick Station: Waiting for a Sunny Day

London pop quintet Chadwick Station fell in love with the American melodic AOR sound, packed their bags and moved to Nashville, TN. They got lucky and got veteran producer-writer-musician Bill Cuomo to work on their Waiting for a Sunny Day. What's more: he got Beeb Birtles of the Little River Band in the vocal booth to add backing vocals to the EP's opener High and Low.

The band did not forsake their UK pop sensibilities. Leaving It All Up To You has a Sixties vaudeville vibe, about half way The Zombies and The Beatles, and Startin' Tomorrow is knee-deep in ELO-alike background vocals. Chadwick Station are clearly in awe of their predecessors. Adding a touch of Nashville gloss to their radio-friendly sound worked out pretty well, but they need to leave their comfort zone to make a lasting impression.

Chadwick Station:
John Cotner: bass, backing vocals<
Alvis Kensington: guitar, lead vocals
Ian Lancaster: lead guitar, backing vocals
Curly Maddox: keyboards, backing vocals
Peter Tutt: drums, backing vocals

Waiting for a Sunny Day is released on Englishwood Records.

  1. High and Low
  2. Leaving It All Up To You
  3. Startin' Tomorrow
  4. Before Time Slipped Away
  5. Waiting for a Sunny Day

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