January 09, 2013

Never Mind The Stars: The Light

Amsterdam based Never Mind The Stars is the world biggest one-man band. Main man Adam Bar-Pereg is one of 37 musicians on the new album The Light, a collection of seventeen orchestrated gentle indie pop songs with a jazz twist.

Grand piano and strings aren't used that often in contemporary pop music, but here they are in all their glory, adding gravitas and light to the songs. With multi-layered vocals, repetitive synth parts, beeps and clicks, The Light is a cornucopia of musical ideas that flow together seamlessly.

Stand-out track First touches base with pop, prog and metal, all rolled into one spicy rave up that deserves to be played reealy fucking loud. Keep You For Myself is a robotic ditty that sounds like it was recorded under water, while the single I Need You Now has the swagger and self-conscious bravado of Big Star. The title track , divided into three parts, holds it all together. Recommended if you wonder what a mash-up of Todd Rundgren, Pavement and The Soft Machine would sound like.

Never Mind The Stars: The Light

The Light will be released on February 6th on Strfckr Rcrds. Release party on February 24th @ People's Place, Amsterdam.

  1. Introduction
  2. First
  3. The Light pt. 1
  4. Love (Close your eyes)
  5. The Light pt. 2
  6. I Need You Now
  7. What I Lost
  8. The Split (ft. Mvr Tamara)
  9. Let You Go
  10. Keep You For Myself
  11. Life
  12. The Light pt. 3
  13. So Far Not Good
  14. Come Home (ft. Sam Obernik)
  15. These Arms
  16. Inbetween Me
  17. Last

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