December 04, 2012

Johnny Society: Free Society

Johnny Society
(l. to r.): Brian Geltner, Gwen Snyder & Kenny Siegal - photo: Jelle Wagenaar

NYC trio Johnny Society is one of those bands who will never make it to the cover of Rolling Stone. Their brand of soulful rock isn't hip or classic enough to appeal to that rag's dwindling demographic. The NYC trio have been at since 1995 and their new album Free Society is filled abrasive anthems and a few acoustic tunes serving as breather tracks.

Main songwriter Kenny Siegal has a knack for melody on a par with Alex Chilton and Ray Davies. Great harmonies too, courtesy of his wife and bass player Gwen Snyder and drummer Brian Geltner. Throw in tasty keyboards riding on top and a bit of brass to sex things up and presto: a recipe for critical recognition. It all comes together in the instrumental title track - heavy rock guitar and keyboards with just of bit distortion to pull the listener out of his comfort zone.

With tracks like the Beatles-esqe They Bring Mail to Me On Sunday and the dirty rock of We Already Are the band's has added two crowd pleasers to their catalog. And the Steel Will weirdness a la Tom Waits will baffle hipsters. The world at large won't hear them, but those in the know will appreciate their perseverance.

Johnny Society:
Kenny Siegal: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Brian Geltner: drums, backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
Gwen Snyder: bass, backing vocals

Johnny Society: Free Society

Free Society is released on Old Soul Records. Buy it from iTunes or Amazon.

  1. So Quick to Turn
  2. Town Hall
  3. We Already Are
  4. Well Well Well
  5. Clairvoyance
  6. Save It for Another Day
  7. Steel Will
  8. They Bring Mail to Me On Sunday
  9. Fall So Low
  10. Up the Stairs
  11. Stabbed in the Back
  12. Daylight
  13. Free Society

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