November 09, 2012

The Brighton Beat: The Brighton Beat LP

People tend to forget that jazz started out as dance music. Afro-beat aficionados The Brighton Beat thrive on stage, but have managed to capture the excitement of their live shows in the studio when they recorded The Brighton Beat LP. The band members can roam free in the six lengthy tracks. Keeping in touch with each other is key element of their sound, taking turns in the spotlight and providing support to the next guy's musical wanderings.

Taking cues from The Beatles during their Hey Jude phase (Giraffe), Seventies funk and disco (Capture The Flag) and jazz rock from Blood, Sweat and Tears variety (The Paradox). With Steve Winwood inspired keyboards and a tight sax and trombone section, the sheer joy of this NYC ensemble is contagious. They will not change the world, but their music can put off dark thoughts about the economy and global warming for awhile.

The Brighton Beat:
Ryan Hinchey: bass
Sam Wagner: drums
Jon Bean: tenor sax
Mark Zaleski: alto/bari sax
Freddy Gonzalez: trombone
Trevor Bernatchez: trumpet
Mark Cocheo: guitar
Zach Kamins: keyboards
Patrick Dalton: percussion
Ryan Nava: shekere

The Brighton Beat: The Brighton Beat LP

The Brighton Beat LP is a self-released album. Download it for free from the band's website. They also offer a handful of live recordings.

  1. Pinball
  2. Changing Elevators
  3. Giraffe
  4. Capture The Flag
  5. The Paradox
  6. Indian Summer

Live date:
  • 11/09 The Bitter End New York, NY


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